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Headshots are your calling card and what will usher you into a casting directors room and standing in front of them. Headshots are your money making business cards.

So invest in quality headshots don’t have “a friend” take them or just find the most inexpensive headshots. Find a photographer who not only does quality work but, knows about the industry and familiar with types and industry standards.

Don’t know one? Check out our list of suggested DFW photographers.

Learn the Sides

Please be off book. Don’t waste all of that hard work we just did TAPING and not be off book. You worked waaay too hard for this opportunity. They need to see your face, your eyes and they can’t do this if you keep looking down at your audition pages.  


Many casting directors prefer you to keep the sides with you but, and work your scene with them in hand. Don’t be afraid to glance over them if you get stuck. Capesh!?

Also, be flexible & open to direction.

Dress Appropriately

Please – do NOT go to an audition in costume. Ever...Unless it’s requested. Put some thought into your wardrobe. First impressions are EVERYTHING.

Accessories Included – earrings, scarves, shoes, hair style, stubble – all help create the subliminal image that you are close to the character you are portraying. But, don’t go overboard.


You made it past the self-tape! So now the ready in-depth studying starts!! Develop your character, know their backstory, understand their ultimate purpose/goal. No matter how small the part you have to create a living, breathing person that would reflect real life.

Commit & Transform into the character.

If you are really good. Then you already brought all of this to the self-TAPE.

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