Can I pay with cash?

Why Yes...Yes you can.

Do I have to reserve my session with a card?

No, but if you are a “No Call No Show” you will be invoiced for your session and unable to return until it is paid in full.

Can I tip?

Sure, we will take the extra money! Don't feel obligated though.

Can I request a male for female reader?  Or bring one?

We do not offer reader requests at this time but, you may bring a reader.

Are you a Full service studio?

Yes, we TAPE, edit, resize & provide the edited sessions to you via WeTransfer or Dropbox. We will upload to a 3rd party site for and additional fee and you will receive your TAPE by midnight.

How long will my footage be available via dropbox?

Copy of Tape is only available for 7 days. After that TAPE will be removed.

Do you upload to casting sites?(Actors Access etc)

Yes, for an additional fee. You just provide us with the login info

Are booking slots real time?

Yes, booking calendar is updated in real time

Can I TAPE longer than I book?

Possibly, If there is not another actor scheduled after you, you may be one of the lucky ones who get to go over your session. However, we can’t promise this so please book plenty of time for your session as we can not allow anyone to rollover into another actors session

How much time do I book for coaching?

We allot all 1 hr sessions for in depth coaching as multiple takes may need to be taped.

What is the least amount of time I can book?

Sessions are $1/min so the time you spend it based on your TAPE time. Avg session for 1-liner go about 15 min if you have several takes.

Do you book late night sessions?

Yes, typically on the weekends (Fri/Sat) but you must check the calendar or email us for availability.

What if I have to cancel my session?

If you cancel at least 24 hours before your scheduled self tape appointment, you will not be charged. Credit for monies paid can be used for any and all services at TAPED. No refunds!

If you need to reschedule your appointment, we are more than happy to accommodate you if space is available.

Can I Reschedule?

We will allow rescheduling up to 6 hours in advance. Use the change/ Cancel link in your booking confirmation email. Please do not call or email to reschedule as staff may be unable to answer due to filming.

Can you do musical auditions?

Not yet. Our TAPING room is designed only for film/tv/commercial & other on TAPE auditions & filming.

Will I be charge for a No Call/ No Show?

Will be charged $40 inconvenience fee and not be allowed to TAPE with us again until it is paid.

Do you TAPE with minors?

ABSOLUTELY! But, the parent and/or guardian must accompany the minor (16 & Under). Parent must be present for TAPING. All staff is required to have a clear background check in  order to work with kids to help you feel comfortable.

I am a realtor, pastor, business person or social media influencer, Can you do a social media promo video for me?

Sure, Book a consultation and let’s work.

What if I’m running late?

We do not offer a grace period so please arrive on time. If you do arrive late we will be unable to extend your tape time as we have to have time to edit your TAPE.

If you arrive more than 10 min late for a 30 min session we reserve the right to cancel and charge full payment.

Do you give out raw files and footage?

No, we take pride in the quality of work with our name attached and we would like to control the great image we have within the industry. All material must be edited by us or by your agency before it goes out.

It’s simple. Timer will begin and soon as I press record on the camera and end once it is stopped. You are in complete control of this session. The more prepared you are, the more money you save.

How does taping for $1per min work?