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tape with us...

   tapings include: 

  • Reader/Camera operator

  • Slate

  • Edit of up to 2 takes**

  • Audition clip(s) will be sent the *same-day via We Transfer or Dropbox. 

  (* by midnight. If you need the footage immediately then a quick turn around charge applies**additional charge for over 2 takes )

$1 per min Self-Tapes Monologues Slate S

got footage?

let us edit your demo reel: 

  • Got footage? Let us edit together a demo reel for you! Editing services are charged at $50/hour with a one hour minimum. You must provide a direct link to all of your footage via Wetransfer.

  • *Files must be .mp4 or .mov. Please include ALL FILES in ONE LINK.

  • If you have more than one editing project (for example, a comedic reel and a dramatic reel) they should be submitted separate

  • *Requests can usually be turned around within a week

 (*More involved edits will take longer, depending on the job. Aircheck footage is an additioal charge.)


Please gather all of your footage before you request your edit. You MUST provide us with .mp4 or .mov files for all of your material. We recommend sending us the highest quality version of your footage that you can. If you need to download a video from YouTube, please use a converter like this one: If you need to convert a file that is not .mp4 or .mov, we recommend that you use VLC (it’s free!). We are not able to source footage for you or pull footage from DVDs.

Want to shoot new footage for your reel? Check out our DEMO REEL INTENSIVE!


Please provide us with a direct link to your .mp4 or .mov files via Wetransfer. To learn how to create a direct link via Wetransfer (it’s free, and very easy!) please CLICK HERE. Please include all files in ONE link if possible.


The more details you can provide for your edit, the faster (and cheaper!) it will be.

It is particularly helpful if you can provide us with timecodes and the order in which you would like your clips. For example:

1: NCIS, start at 00:41 and end at 01:23
2: Horror short, 02:33-02:55 & 03:01-03:41
3. Supergirl, 00:04-00:45

If you’re not sure exactly what you want to use, or the order it should go in, that’s okay too! Our editor can make decisions for you based on current industry standards and preferences. You will have the ability to approve your reel and make additional changes if you wish. Once you go over an hour of editing time, your final products will be watermarked. Watermarks will be removed once we receive payment for your additional balance.

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