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Take your skills to the MAX...with these Classes.
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For entry to attend this class please click the link below.


Where: In- Person (Cue & Coda Films: Arlington) 
When: Tuesday or Wednesday 7pm-10pm 


Investment: $175/month (4 sessions) 

Classes are ongoing and payments will be due by the start of each months session.

A mixed-all level group class. This class will consist of:

-Warm Up

-Scene Study

-Character Development

-Script Breakdown

-Special Guests and more.

Each week we focus on a scene from a play/tv/film to dissect and perform

in front of class. Being apart of a group scene Study class help you to learn

important aspects like timing, focus, taking direction and to play with different

styles and genres of scripts. As an actor it's Important to know how to build

characters, breakdown a script and do the work. This class will aim to make

you think and make the best & strongest choices as an actor.


Classes are ongoing...

Want to Join Ongoing classes? Sign up online & leave us your email and we will add you to our mailing list!

See you in Class!

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