Send a text to 469.795.8114 if you are running late but, know that we can not make up your slot  time if there is an actor who has booked a session after you. Schedule and book your time carefully. 


You get to do what you love so chill, commit to the character and let's get to booking!!


Self-taping doesn’t mean you  don’t have to prep for your session – learn the lines, create and live in the character, make bold choices, dress appropriately and OMG!! Please do not come in to the studio with a costume or props...Unless the casting director required it in his/her notes. You really don’t have enough time (unless you pay for it) to be doing 75 takes.


If you can, schedule your audition in advance – set a time/date, and use the time up until then to prep. This will keep you focused.


You should already be focused and into character – and we don’t want to break your concentration by talking your head off once you enter the room, unless you want too. We will give a quick introduction to knock out the awkwardness and we can set the timer and jump straight into the audition.

This gives you the maximum amount of time within your allocated slot to show us what a DOPE & versatile actor you are. We will all be relaxed enough to give you several shots at the scene, to let you try it a few different ways.

Try to get any questions that you need answered  before you enter the room – so either get in touch with us beforehand, or arrive early and ask prior to entering the TAPING room.



If you need it, book 30 min before so that we can assist you in running your lines.

Follow Casting Directors direction and notes, exactly.

If you have casting notes please send them in advance by upload them and providing the necessary information when you book. The link to the form will be in your confirmation email.


Bring your reader a copy of your sides or bring a reader...and the sides. Either way bring another copy of sides. If you don't you will be charged to print them out in studio.



Our studio is a very intimate space and we do not have changing rooms. Please come dressed and ready to do. If you need to touch up hair and makeup we do have  a vanity for simple touch-ups. But be advised that it will cut into your self tape time.


Be Aware of the Camera but, don’t look directly into the camera


Know where you are looking, what your actions are and where the camera is. And never, ever look into the camera unless directed to do so.

Get your $$ worth

You are being charged $1 per min for self-tapes. Come prepared and ready to knock out your scene(s). Timer will start when the camera starts rolling.


If you feel like you would like to be coached through your Tape, then be sure to choose the 1 hr w/coaching option. This will allow you time to tape several takes, review on the monitor and take direction.

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