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Per Hour use for casting, the following is included:
-Use of Taping Room (approx 200sq ft)
-Lobby Desk for actor registration
-Gray Backdrop
-Casting Love Seat
-Restroom Facilities
-Complimentary Water
-Small Refrigerator
Casting Space Rates

The following rates are effective as of October 28th, 2020. Space is subject to schedule availability and in most cases, require a deposit. There is a 2-hour minimum for the use of space. Wireless Internet is not included.

Weekday Rates:
$25.00 per hour
$160.00 per day (up to 8 hours)

Weekend Rates:
$35.00 per hour
$260.00 per day (up to 8 hours)

Day of Audition Coordination:
-Manned Check-in table
-Taped & Emailed Auditions 
Virtual Casting Management
NEED TO CAST TALENT? Click the link below to fill out the inquiry form and you will be contacted by TAPED STAFF.
We can help you! TAPED offers casting and day of audition coordination services. If you or your production team is in need of services for your next theatre or film production please email us at 
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